FRIISLAND was founded in 2021 to present and promote idea based and interdisciplinary performative practices. We have a special focus on the documentation and dissemination of live works, from reconstructions, event scores, photos, VR, text or oral descriptions. We are also open to collaborations with young or established artists and art students.

FRIISLAND is situated in the outer Nordhavn area of Copenhagen, across the future culture center, Tunnelfabrikken. We are engaged in our location in Nordhavn, a developing area of Copenhagen, as well as cooperating with local institutions and companies.

FRIISLAND Center for Performance Art is a project by Live Art Denmark, conceptualized by Ellen Friis and Henrik Vestergaard, who have curated performative practices and processes in Denmark and abroad since 2004. The Center is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation: The Council for Visual Arts and The Council for Performing Arts.