Friisland was founded in 2021. The art space is situated in the outer Nordhavn area of Copenhagen, across the future culture center, Tunnelfabrikken. Friisland belongs to Live Art Denmark, which has introduced the Danish art scene for performative artforms, international artists and formats, since 2004. In Friisland you will encounter international artists-in-residences who will mix real installations with virtual performance inside and outside the venue; as well as occasional live events and talks.

We are engaged in our location in Nordhavn, a new area of Copenhagen being developed these years. We are preparing various projects in the nature and in cooperation with existing institutions and businesses in Nordhavn. These projects will be installations, AR treasure hunts, art LARPS (live action role playing), performance walks, specific works and other formats of public art.

Friisland is a project by Live Art Denmark, which has been devoted to the development, discussion and documentation of performative art forms in Denmark and abroad since 2004.